Would you like to learn a no-nonsense,
reality-based approach to trading the
E-Mini Futures successfully?
For a limited time only, Carl Snyder is offering an intensive 3 day
trading tutorial with everything you need to know to excel!
If you want to learn to analyze price movement in a way that gives you the ability to judge for yourself the relative probability of a successful trade set-up, quickly, in real-time; then this course is for you.

If you want to trade with strong offense and strong defense, you will learn it here.

If you want to condition (or re-condition) your neurology to trade with confidence and without hesitation, you will learn it here.

  • Introduction
  • Why Be Trained?
  • Benefits
  • Why Trade S&P E-mini?
  • Freedom & Independence
  • Topics covered on day one
  • Topics covered on day two
  • Topics covered on day three
  • My Guarantee
  • Contact
  • My Mission

  • Introduction
    This course is the most effective day-trading method I know of and draws on many decades of experience of educators and traders who have gone before me, as well as my own innovations.

    In the process of learning to trade, I squandered many thousands of dollars needlessly in bad or badly managed trades. Had I known of an effective course that would have spared me these expensive lessons, I would gladly have taken it! No stone was left unturned in my quest for profitable methods.

    I have talked at length with many of the best-known experts and so-called experts in the futures education industry. Many charlatans and ineffective techniques were evaluated along the way.

    The value of the experience that went into this training method is incalculable.

    Why Be Trained?
    I can honestly say that the time and energy expended in learning to trade well is greater than that needed to acquire a Master’s degree! And the process is on-going!

    Do you have $100,000+ of time to invest in learning the hard way too? How much money in mistakes would it take to acquire a trading veteran’s experience? Or would you prefer to streamline the process and take years off your learning curve?

  • You will benefit from the knowledge I have gathered from over 10,000 hours of observing the equity index futures trade in real time.
  • You will benefit from the thousands of hours of discussing market action with other traders and futures educators.
  • You will benefit primarily from the real experience I have gathered taking thousands of winning and losing trades in the S & P and e-mini markets.
  • You will benefit from the information I have gathered from reading and re-reading 90% of the books in print on the subject of futures trading.
  • You will benefit from the many thousands of dollars I have invested taking expensive seminars, personal mentoring, courses and buying software, indicator suites and systems.
  • You will benefit from my experience as an educator leading several Computer Aided Investor Groups.
  • You will benefit from my many thousands of hours of writing and testing indicators and mechanical systems.

  • Why Trade S&P E-mini?
    The S & P contract is recognized world-wide as the ultimate day-trading vehicle.
  • The S & P contract is the unquestioned king of wide daily range, volatility and potential profits.
  • The S & P is notorious and unprecedented for the speed and depth of its twists and turns.
  • The S & P continues to challenge the most adept, skilled and nimble traders in the world.

  • Freedom & Independence
  • No boss
  • No employees
  • No advertising
  • No inventory
  • No location
  • No customers

  • Low Overhead
    Another nice thing about the business is the low overhead:
    Internet, computer, a phone line and a data feed.

    Topics covered on first day of training
  • Futures Markets and Contracts
  • Opening a Trading Account
  • Capital: How much is enough?
  • Orders: Types and Placement
  • Hardware and Software
  • Technical Analysis
  • Charting
  • Psychology

  • Topics covered on second day of training
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Technical Analysis
  • Charting
  • Candlesticks
  • Mastering Software
  • Trading Psychology
  • Indicators
  • Indices
  • Executions
  • Strategies
  • Tactics
  • Stops
  • Trade Management: Trailing Stops
    Experienced traders may be able to absorb the entire course by the end of the 2nd day of training, and may be eager to return to their own trading desks and trade! They receive follow up materials for further study and other materials to use to monitor their future performance.

  • Topics covered on third day of training
    In the third session, ample time is allocated to review materials already covered. You will continue to strengthen your grasp of the strategies, tactics and use of pattern recognition, indicators and indexes previously presented.
    We will work with real time markets from the open as you practice market analysis, order and stop placement, and money management with multiple contracts and trailing stops.
    After the break, another session of simulated or real time “trial by fire” can be arranged, or review as needed of any other areas of the curriculum. Advanced topics (Cycles, Elliott Wave, NLP, etc.) can be addressed here.
    Finally, practical maintenance ideas sum up the course:

  • Overtrading: How to handle, reduce and avoid it.
  • The Trading Journal
  • How to continue your independent study and refine your skills.
  • Trading Office Setup: practical advice on designing your work environment

  • My Guarantee
    I fully disclose all the logic and complete methodology behind all the trades in your textbook. The entries, management and exits for every one of them, and the logic are provided to you in writing.

    You will understand how I evaluate price action and use indicators for technical analysis. You will receive an original manual of over 100 pages covering all the most important aspects of trading in general, particularly the equity index futures (ES, ER2 & YM). The course will cover, in detail, the best material I know of about winning trader psychology.

    A comprehensive unit on pattern recognition will be presented. The most effective money and trade management strategy of which I am aware will be taught. Both trend and contra-trend trading will be addressed. Specific trading setups, entries, management and exits will be disclosed and analyzed.


    For more information, call (888) 266-9249

    My Mission
    To properly expose you to the tools, knowledge and attitude you need to succeed in the markets.

    Disclaimer:   There is a risk of loss in futures trading.   Substantial losses can and do occur.