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Phone: 619-469-6824 - Carl Snyder, Chairman
Past Meetings
August 1999Harry Markowitz, 1990 Nobel Laureate in Economics
December 1999John Bollinger, Bollinger Capital Management
March 2000Peter Worden (Worden Brothers, TC 2000)
April 2000Rhonda Sebrechts, IAR Financial Advisor
May 2000Dean Kasparian, President, AIQ
June 2000Allan McNichol, CEO, Metastock
July 2000Carl Snyder - Omega Research Update
Film: The Trillion Dollar Bet
September 2000Richard Weiss, Senior VP and Chief Investment Officer of City National Investments
October 2000Ellyn Quiggle, Morgan Stanley, Equity Options Strategy
November 2000Ken Bungarda, KC Trading Institute
December 2000Carl Snyder - Why Investors Should Be Wary of the U.S. Stock Market
January 2001Carl Snyder - Introduction to Candlestick Charting
February 2001Carl Snyder - Using Welles Wilder's DMI
March 2001Carl Snyder - Drummond Geometry and the Pldot
April 2001Carl Snyder - Economic Indicators and the Business Cycle
Carl Snyder - The Other Market
May 2001Discussion: Are we near a market bottom in the Nasdaq?
June 2001Kathy Biewenga, Asset Preservation Inc.
July 2001Carl Snyder - Stock Screening
September 2001Keith Fitschen, System Developer, Aberration
October 2001W.A. Sands, Chesapeake Research Applications
November 2001Todd Mitchell, Traders Roadmap
December 2001Tom Bierovic - Synergetic Technical Analysis, Part 1
January 2002Tom Bierovic - Synergetic Technical Analysis, Part 2
May 2002Carl Snyder - Trader's Roadmap
RS of Houston - Short Term Day Trading - Part 1
June 2002RS of Houston - Short Term Day Trading - Part 2
November 2002Dr. Walt Jones, President - PrecisionAnalytics
December 2002John Bowen, President - Bowen Portfolio Management
January 2003Carl Snyder - Having Fun and Having Funds
February 2003Michael Stolarsky - New Techniques for finding Equity Trades
Carl Snyder - Program Trading Strategies
May 2003Mark Puckett, Options,
September 2003Carl Snyder - The Fall Season
Carl Snyder - Gold
October 2003Miles Dunbar,
November 2003Bill Scott - Overbought and Oversold
Carl Snyder - International Investing: Asia and India
December 2003Carl Snyder - Goal Setting
January 2004Carl Snyder - How to Trade Slowly
February 2004Carl Snyder - International Investing: Latin America
March 2004Carl Snyder - Using the Internet for Investment Research
April 2004Drew Sands, Vectorvest
May 2004Keith Fitschen, System Developer, Aberration
June 2004Dan Gibby - Using Options to Hedge and Speculate using the Pristine Method
October 2006Jay Adkisson, J.D. - How to Protect Your Assets